About us
We offer one of the most comprehensive solutions on internet, providing database of international public holidays with several years of experience in this field with many happy private and corporate customers.
Our simple customer friendly interface
offers our valued customers ability to simply select any of the worldwide countries and a year to see list of appropriate bank and main religious holidays for selected year and country.
For developers and business users
we provide our full database of worldwide public holidays calendars for download in various formats such as MS Excel, CSV, XML and also Icalendar(ical). They are typically used for integration into company accounting, manufacture control and planning or customer relationship management systems systems to increase their accuracy of planning and quality of customer communication. The ultimate competitive advantage of our offer is in 3 key elements – quality and range of data offering one of the most comprehensive database of world public holidays available on web - its readiness for direct system integration thanks to range of offered formats - and also due to its competitive pricing.

Especially for customers who wish to simply integrate their calendars maintained in Excel (xls) into other calendars such as MS Outlook, Google calendar in your Gmail account, 
Lotus Notes or Yahoo calendar and other most frequently used calendars, we developed FREE Excel to Icalendar (ics) converter.
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